30 April 2014

teaching in Tacoma, ca. 1909

Minnie (Jensen) Westergaard later in life [2]Minnie Jensen, ca. 1900-1905 [1]

Just over a century ago, Minnie O. (Jensen) Westergaard spent several school years teaching first graders in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington. The records of the school district both confirm and challenge our ideas of education at the turn of the last century. Let's get schooled!

12 April 2014

Vernie's household hints: ladylike

Vernie Estella Merriman [2]Vernie Estella (Merriman) Beuttler [1]

Vernie Estella (Merriman) Beuttler (1884–1966) gathered a broad assortment of recipes and household hints through her life as a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois and Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa. She recorded many of these in her recipe book, which I share items from in this regular feature.

In addition to the usual photo of Vernie in her later years, you may notice the photo of young Vernie to the right. This was quite a serendipitous find, posted yesterday to the Vintage Dixon, IL page. A commenter there noted how ladylike Vernie appeared in contrast to contemporary fashions. To complement the photo, today I present Vernie's recipe for “Lady Salad”, a classy party novelty.

04 April 2014

the Knoll farm by the numbers, part 3: products

John Michael “J. M.” Knoll and his son Frederick M. “F. M.” Knoll farmed in Peru Township, Dubuque County, Iowa from 1853 to 1903. In the first two posts of this series, I discussed the Knolls' farmland and the people and animals that lived there. Today, I will conclude by looking at what their farm produced and how they might have used it.