Greetings! I’m kdau.

I am an awkward gay nerd of varied interests who plays, mods and occasionally streams games: adventure, puzzle, sim and RPGs, especially Stardew Valley.

Stardew mods

Cropbeasts mod

Why just harvest your crops when you could do battle with them? Cropbeasts are crops cursed by the witch that turn into monsters on your farm. After you defeat them, you get the original harvest and maybe something extra.

East Scarpe SMAPI component

I wrote the SMAPI component of LemurKat’s scenic East Scarpe map mod. Meet the custom NPCs who call it home, pick fruits and berries in the forest, or take a relaxing trip to the beach!

Flower Bombs mod

Make blooms, not war. Craft a Flower Bomb, fill it with wild or flower seeds, and toss it on any dirt or grass in the Valley. The next morning you’ll have an explosion of seasonal color.

NPC Tricks mod

Sit. Stay. Good NPC! This framework lets Stardew Valley NPCs have custom sprite rendering, movement styles, reactions and scheduled behaviors. Use it to make NPC humans with special attributes or behaviors; NPC pets, wild animals or monsters; or anything beyond.

Portable TV mod

It’s little! It’s lovely! It shows Livin’ Off The Land! The Portable TV is a craftable item carried in your inventory that lets you watch TV channels (standard and custom) from anywhere in Stardew Valley.

Pregnancy Role mod

People of all genders may or may not be able to become pregnant. This mod gives Stardew Valley farmers and NPCs the full range of possibilities.

Prismatic Pride mod

Let’s see your true colors shining through! With this mod, you can deck your Stardew Valley farmer out in a full set of prismatic clothing, then choose from a variety of pride flags to rotate through the colors of.

Public Access TV mod

Your friends in the valley take to the airwaves to keep you apprised of today’s mining conditions, garbage loot, train schedules, rare events and more.

Scrying Orb mod

Craft a Scrying Orb with a recipe from Welwick and you too can peer into the future. Make an offering to the spirits to scry mining conditions, geode contents, rare events or garbage loot.

web apps

Dwarvish Translator web app

You’ve gone to all the trouble to get a Dwarvish Translation Guide in Stardew Valley. Shouldn’t you get to speak Dwarvish yourself? Now you can!

Stardew Scroll Generator web app

Hear ye, hear ye! Create scroll banners in the style used by Stardew Valley and make your announcements in style.


Great Over Watch Off Overwatch mode

A three-round Overwatch deathmatch mode inspired by a certain UK baking program. Compete in signature, technical and showstopper challenges. Don't be the soggy bottom or cause a Bingate...or should you?

Heartwood Farm playthrough

My current Stardew Valley playthrough is on the highly modded Heartwood Farm as Conrad, a pacifist herbalist who is exploring magic. The farm showcases a variety of mods, including my own.

A Star over Calico Desert crossword

A Stardew Valley-themed crossword with a special shape and four starred clues with hidden surprises. Links are provided for looking up Stardew trivia.