kdau’s variety streams

Aside from my regular Stardew Valley streams, I stream a variety of other games on Twitch, primarily in the adventure, puzzle, sim and RPG genres.

Where to watch

I stream live on my Twitch channel. Videos of the most recent streams can also be viewed from that page.


I’m currently streaming on a more limited basis without a fixed schedule. Follow me on Twitter or join my Discord server to get updates.

I stream Stardew Valley too — check out Heartwood Farm!

Current games

Incomplete games

Completed games

Potential future games

These are games that I have finished in the past but would enjoy revisiting; ones that I need to finish eventually; or ones that I have queued for future play. Entries in bold are particularly likely to be played soon.

This list doesn’t include games that I don’t already own, but reasonably priced new acquisitions are also a possibility.

In addition to games on the list, most Linux-compatible games from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality are options, as may be many that aren’t marked as such.